With years of experience in residential building projects, Karehana Construction specialises in intricate renovations that require exceptional attention to detail and workmanship.


Coastal Home Renovation

Titahi Bay
An internal makeover of the older lower level of this family home achieved issues of weather tightness and insulation as well as modernising throughout and improving functionality. The construction of the feature staircase balustrade in the entrance and installing double french doors in the entertainment room really channeled the elegant Hampton’s style of home that the owner wanted to achieve.

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Outdoor Landscaping and Entryway

Working with the original concrete and narrow pathways required this landscaping project to be dug out by hand. Repouring new concrete presented challenges due to the steepness of the incline of the stairs, requiring it to be intricately handled so that the desired result was eventually achieved. The result was brand new exterior paving and staircase entranceway in an exposed aggregate concrete to keep with the properties original character of 100+ years ago.

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Existing Home Alterations

Modernising of a 100+ year old villa with new interior windows, shaker style kitchen and tiled bathroom while rebuilding all the classical trims throughout were paramount to this project in keeping this home true to its original character.

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Home Extension & Exterior Deck

The creation of more floor space, outdoor light using multiple skylights and expanding the outdoor deck, we helped the owner achieve their home functionality goals and lifestyle requirements, and with views like this why would you ever want to move.

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Existing House Alterations

Undertaking extensive alterations to this existing Hataitai home and modernising throughout including a new kitchen, laundry and lounge while keeping the classical trims and original features throughout was a key component to this renovation.

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External Decking

Seatoun Heights
The unique design and natural wood of this external outdoor living area really showcased the natural surrounds and sea views and achieved the homeowners outdoor living and landscaping requirements.

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Classrooms and Interior Windows

Titahi Bay School
A complete remodelling of the original 1960s classrooms with new interior and windows to current insulation and building standards was a rewarding project to be involved with.

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Internal Offices and Warehouse

This industrial warehouse had a complete commercial remodel and fit out, with offices and kitchen to bring it up to standards and requirements for commercial use.

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Carport and External Decking

Addressing car parking issues with a new carport was the key goal with this project and the external entryway and deck further enhanced and improved this property.

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Front Entrance

An entryway remodel to this 100 + year old Kelburn villa with the intricate and classical style carpentry work rebuilt new, did not compromise the homes original features.

Seatoun extension 1

Top Level Extension

Seatoun Village
This existing property required more floorspace for bedrooms, with the owner addressing these requirements by adding an upper floor extension, with the exterior and design purposefully designed to sync with the existing lower level of the home.

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Home Alterations

Installation of new windows and trimmings, modernised kitchen, and indoor flow to external deck transforming and modernising this family home.

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Exterior Deck

Completion of external deck, seating areas and staircase.